Máquina de Telhas Trapeizodal TR35x1050
Máquina de Telhas Trapeizodal TR35x1050

    Ideal for customers looking to lower fixed cost, less factory labor.

    Esquadros® has a solid and skilled team that is constantly dedicated to the development and production of increasingly modern and efficient roofing machines.

    Our DOUBLE Tile Machines of the PRO® SQUARES Line are the result of a large investment in development, making it possible to produce trapezoid 40 metal tiles in thicknesses up to 0.65mm totally within < strong> NBR 14513 and NBR 14514.


• Options for automation of all setups;
• High quality mechanical construction;
• Gearmotors SEW;
• Command Software PRO10;
• 7” touchscreen HMI SIEMENS;
• Electro-electronic components SIEMENS;
• Completely safe to NR-12;
• High quality product processed by machine;
• Best cost benefit in the market;
• Complete training and documentation for transportation, installation, operation and maintenance performed at Esquadros® and at the customer's factory at the start of gear.

General Technical Characteristics
Max Coil Weight 15.000 kgf
Maximum width 1.300 mm
Minimum plate thickness 0,43 mm
Maximum plate thickness 0,65 mm
Rated speed 25 m/min
Voltage/ Frequency/ Duty Cycle 380 V/ 60 Hz/ 8h
Maximum yield limit (L.E) 240 N/mm²
Resistance limit (L.R) 360 N/mm²

Line Equipment

Desbobinador Esquadros

Unwinder Standard Manual

At Esquadros® , we strive to bring our customers high quality production from start to finish. Our unwinders are designed to hold and unwind safely, controlling the speed, direction and viability of your work material, we believe it all starts with this machine.

Charge capacity 15 ton
Maximum width 1.300 mm
Max Outer Coil Diameter 1.500 mm
Inner diameter of the mandrel 20"


Painel Central de Comando Esquadros Painel Central de Comando Esquadros

Gearmotor and Panel

Gearmotor for electric drive of the unwinder and control panel with forward and reverse buttons, emergency button and pilot lamp. It has inputs and outputs to receive stop signal.

Redutor de Velocidade Esquadros Redutor de Velocidade Esquadros

Speed control

Unwinder electronic speed control. The drive with special loop monitoring software varies the unwinding speed and eliminates automatic motor start-up that may occur in the process cycle.

Expansão do Mandril Esquadros Expansão do Mandril Esquadros

Hydraulic Chuck Expansion

Hydraulic unit to drive the unwinder mandrel expansion through a hydraulic cylinder.

Peeler Hidráulico Esquadros Peeler Hidráulico Esquadros

Hydraulic Peeler

Peeler fixed to the unwinder frame, consisting of a robust frame, hydraulic-driven pusher arm and back-up roller. You can press the end of the plate at the beginning of the operation.

Motorização do Peeler Esquadros Motorização do Peeler Esquadros

Peeler Roll Motorization

Motorization of the roller arm (peeler), facilitates the process of introducing the plate at the beginning of operation.

Aumento de Velocidade Esquadros Aumento de Velocidade Esquadros

Unwinder Cargo Car

With hydraulic lifting and motorized transaction, it makes the bobbin loading and changing operation a safer and more agile process.

Bancada de Conformação Esquadros

DOUBLE forming bench

Conformation stages: 16 units.

Built with high technology, the DUPLA Tile Machine Line Forming Bench has a robust structure, made of welded steel, with clamping and leveling devices. Rolling bearings, CNC machined, with height adjustment system. Axle assembly made of SAE 1045 steel, CNC machined. Spacer dowels for tool centering. Table with adjustable side guides for entry of the plate in the workbench. Rolled backrest. Crank adjustment.

High performance, low clearance SEW geared motor drive rigidly coupled directly to the forming shaft. It has an external encoder that monitors possible plate slippage and guarantees the accuracy of the steps. Electronic control of the drive.


Mesa de Entrada Esquadros Mesa de Entrada Esquadros

Entry Table

Wheel-supported entry table and hydraulic cylinder articulated movement facilitates the process of inserting the plate into the workbench at the beginning of operation by reducing operator intervention in handling the plate in the hazardous area.

Aparador de Borda Esquadros Aparador de Borda Esquadros

Edge trimmer

Set of rotating circular knives to trim the edge of the plate, enabling the production of sandwich tiles.

Enrolador de Refilo Esquadros Enrolador de Refilo Esquadros

Refill Winder

In order to rewind the trim trimmed by the edge trimmer, it ensures a clean and dense rewinding, driven by high performance gearmotors, with electronic torque control and regulation.

Ferramental com Cromo Duro Esquadros

Cylindrical Forming Tooling

Tooling made of special steel, machined in CNC, for the manufacture of metal tiles with trapezoidal profile of 40x1020 mm.

Includes hard chrome plating through electroplating, increasing the following features: extended service life, wear resistance; corrosion resistance; high surface hardness (approximately 70 HRC); low coefficient of friction. Especially recommended for processing materials with sensitive surfaces.

Painel Central de Comando Esquadros

Siemens Touchscreen Control Panel

Designed to meet the needs of an unlimited range of functions, the superiority of SIEMENS HMI controls all of the tile machine's main operating functions, providing maximum efficiency, broad flexibility and high profitability. In the Panel, the options on each screen make the operation extremely simple, you can configure or monitor different tile sizes at once with simple handling, ensuring a modern, fast and accurate production.

Guilhotina Motorizada Esquadros

Guillotine 120 Strokes/ min

Fast motorized guillotine, consisting of robust structure and high technology, all rolling contacts, low-output SEW high-performance geared motor drive, knives made of special VD2 steel with 2 useful cutting edges, guarantee up to 10x more productivity than conventional models.

Empty cycles/ min 120 gpm
Apron Guides Bearings
Drive Gearmotor

Up to 10x more productive than conventional models.

NR 12 Esquadros

Fully Safe According to NR-12

Safety Net to meet the Safe Torque Off (STO) requirement.

Guardrails for perimeter protection and line safety. Constructed with BELGO PROTEC standard electro-welded steel screens with transfer key system, consisting of a switch block on the central control panel and a coded security key - with a double key - on the access gate that prevents access to the hazardous zone while the machine is running and prevents starting of the machine with operators present in blind areas of the line.
Luminous tower for visual indication of operating status. Activation and shutdown preceded by alarm buzzer. Complete machine documentation includes installation, operation and maintenance manuals, electrical and hydraulic circuit diagram, parts list, and more.


Logotipo Siemens

HMI and Latest Electronic Components.

As one of the leading companies in the industry, SIEMENS is at the forefront of the industrial 4.0 concept, with high quality components for industrial processes, and is the premier supplier of electronics components for Esquadros® ensures increased productivity, efficiency, speed and quality of equipment.

Logotipo Sew

When the name SEW-EURODRIVE comes up, most often the concept of "electric motors" comes first. That's right, being today the biggest name in gearmotor, gearmotor, motor solutions for the industry, the company ensures efficiency and durability in its products. At Esquadros® has become the leading supplier of high performance gearmotors for equipment, ensuring better value for money than other solutions.

Logotipo Belgoprotec

Belgo Bekaert Wires is a partnership between ArcelorMittal - the world leader in steel production - and Bekaert - the world leader in steel wire coating and transformation technology. Joining the strength of these shareholders, who together have more than 200 years of experience, Belgo Bekaert Wires is a pioneer in the Brazilian wire market, providing very high quality and secure safety rails for the Systems NR-12 Esquadros® equipment.

Logotipo Gerdau

Gerdau is the largest Brazilian steel producer and one of the leading suppliers of long steel in the Americas and specialty steel in the world. In Brazil, it also produces flat steel and iron ore, activities that broaden the product mix offered to the market and the competitiveness of its operations. In addition, it is the largest recycler in Latin America and annually transforms millions of tons of scrap into steel, reinforcing its commitment to the sustainable development of the regions where it operates.

Logotipo Schemersal

German quality produced in Brazil

Schmersal is a reference in machine safety products and services ( NR-12 ), as well as elevator components and industrial automation. The Schmersal Group is a German multinational, a world leader in safety systems for people, machines and production processes. With 70 years of experience, Schmersal offers solutions and services in deployment. customized security systems through consultancy, risk study and assessment, training, application engineering and security design to NR-12 standards. provides all necessary components for Esquadros® machines and equipment. for the purpose of contributing to a safer future, leaving a legacy of ethics, social responsibility and sustainability for future generations.