Linhas de Corte Combinado

Combined Cutting Lines

Combined Cutting Lines

The combined cutting lines allow the simultaneous accomplishment of all the cut operations on a single machine. They are characterized by the low setup time, versatility, flexibility and low operational cost.

Linhas de Corte Longitudinal

Slittig Lines

Slitting Lines

The Esquadros’ slitting lines reach the most diverse needs of the market, in a range of coils’ thicknesses from 0.30 mm to 6.35 mm, with widths of 600 mm to 1.600 mm, and speeds of up to 120 m/min.

Linhas de Corte Transversal

Cut to length lines

Cut-to-length Lines

Ideal for the production of rectangular flat sheets from coiled materials. Our cut-to-length lines can be equipped with automatic stacking systems according to the material to be processed, besides edges trimmers and bale packaging systems.

Perfiladeiras de Telhas Metálicas

Rollforming Machine

Metal Roof Tile RollForming Machine

The Esquadros’ metal roof tile rollforming machines are built with the highest technology, assuring durability, precision, easy operation, quick set up and low operational cost.

Perfiladeiras de Perfis Estruturais

"C" Purlin Rollforming Machine

"C" Purlin Rollforming Machine

Our rollforming machines for structural profile’s fabrication have superior performance, with revolutionary manufacturing process and industrial model with required patent.

Linhas de Alimentação de Prensa

Automatic Press Feeding

Automatic Press Feeding Machines

With wide experience accumulated on the design, manufacturing and development of automatic systems for automatic press feeding machines, Esquadros is able to analyze the customer’s requirements, especific needs and work around innovatives solutions.

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