Linhas de Corte Combinado

Combined Cut

Combined longitudinal and transverse cutting machines

Combined Cutting Lines

The combined cutting line developed by Esquadros is a revolutionary, exclusive and innovative solution for coil processing, allowing all cutting operations to be performed simultaneously on a single machine, and is characterized by low setup time, versatility, flexibility and low operating cost.

Linhas de Corte Longitudinal

Longitudinal Cut

Longitudinal Cut Lines

Our longitudinal cutting line is robust and modular and can be configured exactly to the needs of our customers, can be equipped with various accessories and options that facilitate operation, reduce setup time and increase machine performance.

Linhas de Corte Transversal

Cross Section

Cross Section Lines

Ideal for the production of rectangular flat sheets. Our cross section lines can be equipped with automatic stacking systems according to the material being processed, as well as edge trimmers and bale wrapping systems.

Perfiladeiras de Telhas Metálicas

Tile Machine

Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

Our tile roll forming machines are superior performance models with revolutionary manufacturing process, with rollers designed and validated in PROFIL software, German technology that guarantees excellence and proves the quality of equipment.

Perfiladeiras de Perfis Estruturais

Structural Profile Roll Forming

Structural Profile Roll Forming

The structural profile roll forming line developed by Esquadros has unique and innovative technologies for processing stiffened “U” and “U” profiles, with geared castle synchronization system and servomotor flight cutting system, ensuring low setup time. , and operating speed up to 60 m/min.

Linhas de Alimentação de Prensa

Press Feed

Press Feed Lines

With extensive experience in the design, construction and development of automatic press feed systems, we are able to analyze the prerequisites and specific needs of each customer, proposing innovative solutions.

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