Perfiladeira de Telha Metálica

Tile Processing Technology

Our roof tile roll forming machine are superior performance models with revolutionary manufacturing process and patent pending industrial model.

All roll forming designs are designed and validated in German technology PROFIL software, which checks the forming stresses according to the material properties, providing reliability that the rollers will be able to conform to the desired tolerances.

We know the expectations of our customers and aim to provide excellent machines capable of producing high quality profiles. Each of our roof tile roll forming machine is rigorously tested within Esquadros and approved prior to delivery.


Main Features

Esquadros has a solid and qualified team that is constantly dedicated to the development and production of increasingly modern and efficient equipment. With great originality our roof tile roll forming machine is the result of a large investment in development, making it possible to produce metal tiles in thicknesses up to 0.65mm and widths up to 1050mm. Our roof tile roll forming machine guarantee the right return on investment commitment.


Máquina Ondulada 17
Máquina TR25x1020
Máquina TR35x1050
Máquina TR40x1020
Máquina TR40x980
Máquina Dupla