Transverse Cuts


Máquina Transversal
Linha de Corte Transversal

Transverse cuts perform sections on steel coils to desired measurements through precise cuts made through a rigid and precise structure, turning a parent coil into sheets. This type of cutting machine is also known in the market as blanking machine. The crosscutting equipment automatically performs the unwinding of the plate and cut, and can be packed or followed in more complex pressing lines.

Steel has many applications on the market, and the crosscutting machines offer various section possibilities for steel sheets with different thicknesses, widths and lengths. Esquadros cross-section lines can process steel sheets up to 25 mm wide and up to 2100 mm wide.

The Squad Guillotines are constructed of machined, ground and screwed steel, constituting a rigid and precise structure. The knives are made of special wire-cut steel with two useful cutting edges, heat treated and ground to ensure durability and precision cutting. The drives are made by high performance, low backlash SEW gearmotor.

Quality and precision in cross sections make Esquadros the right choice for those looking for peace of mind and production capacity in their company.

Learn about some of the applications that benefit from the steel sheet cross section lines:

Equipment for the food, electrical, automotive, oil, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, textile, among others.

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The Esquadros cross section lines are robust and modular and can be configured exactly to the needs of our customers. Contact our sales team and get full support to get the best in the industry.

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