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Esquadros is a national leader in roof tile technology, with superior design and very high quality, the company values transparency and commitment to the business. steel totally in accordance with NBR 14513 and 14514, the tiles can be smooth, trapezoidal, corrugated, among other solutions that Esquadros offers. With the machine it is possible to get agile tile production as it is able to shape the material in a fraction of minutes by doing flawless work and shaping quality tiles.

The manufacture of the tiles is a very simple process, supplying the machine with a steel coil, for example, the equipment soon begins the processing of tiles, with our recipe recording system every operation takes a few minutes until the release of a plan. production. Equipped with a high speed guillotine, the Esquadros tile roll forming machine is capable of making precise cuts without penalizing the quality and productivity of the line.

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One of the fastest growing markets in the segment.

The tile roll forming machine is the big bet of the industries that are looking for the right investment, mainly because it is a machine with low cost and great productive capacity, being exactly advantageous for those who want to work with the manufacture of high quality tiles.

At Esquadros you have all the support you need to become a Success Case, based in Franca, São Paulo, we are always ready to serve you.

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