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Máquina Telha Trapezoidal
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When we think of a tile machine, we automatically think of the most common solution we know, the concrete tile machine, the solution is present in more than half of all construction sites in the country, more precisely it is 70% useful in construction. civilians. But it is not the only, only the most famous, condition that has changed over time, let us know more about another tile machine that exists in the current production frame for construction.

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The use of metal tiles has increased considerably within the segment, studies by the Brazilian Center for Steel Construction (CBCA) indicate that the gross revenues of steel tiles and steel deck exceeds R $ 3.1 billion.

Accompanying this growth, Esquadros acquired great know-how, developing its own technology to optimize the production process applied to the tile machine.

This type of equipment uses roll forming that shapes coils or large flat metal plates and various forms of tiles, such as corrugated and trapezoid, with specific measurements within each shape, in full is not changed the formula in production, only the profile design and material processed.

Unlike the concrete tile machine which has slow manufacturing and very high production time, the metal tile machine can manufacture quickly in various materials such as: Galvanized Steel, Pre-Painted Galvanized, Galvalume, among others.

This way the product gains versatility and low acquisition cost, serving a wider range of solutions with a single machine.

Esquadros has state-of-the-art equipment and a team specialized
in high productivity tile machine, with special features such as:

  • - Reduced acceleration and deceleration ramps for high production;
  • - Fast, high productivity motorized guillotine;
  • - Special steel knives, cut by wire EDM;
  • - Hard chrome plated tooling for ultra durability;
  • - Fully safe Tile Machine according to NR-12 standard;
  • - Patent design structural design.

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