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Slitter cutting, or longitudinal slitting, is now known as the most practical, fast and inexpensive system for cutting slits in mother rolls because it provides quality, high yield and flexibility.

The slitter cutting machine is the process and cutting equipment used to achieve the optimum width for the customer's needs. The cutting process works by inserting the bobbin into the unwinding machine, the material goes through rotating shears that are mounted according to the cutout measurements. The indentations to be obtained from a coil are also determined in the machine configuration, always respecting the cutting tolerances and capacities.

Slitter cutting or longitudinal cutting meets the most diverse needs offered by the market and can process coils with thicknesses ranging from 0.30mm to 6.35mm, with widths from 600mm to 1.600mm and speeds up to 120m / min.

Our cutting machine has a robust and modular structure, featuring exclusive and cutting-edge technology. It also offers accessories and options that allow for increased and easy operation, reducing setup time and increasing slitter cutting performance.

Our equipments have sliding rotary knives, produced in special steel, of high toughness, excellent ductility and abrasion resistant, guaranteeing setup up to 3x faster than the conventional system, offering low dimensional tolerance and higher quality in the cutting of the strips.

- Constant quality: Precise slitter cutting without burrs;
- Less waste: cuts the entire length of the bobbin accurately and with fewer residual strips;
- Lower personnel costs: the system can be driven by one worker;
- Superior processing speed: considerably reduces cutting time;
- Smooth process for sensitive thicknesses;
- Great winding quality - tense and accurate;
- Easy extraction of rewound coils;
- Low and easy acquisition cost.

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Esquadros is the largest reference in Brazil, producing various steel coil processing equipment such as slitter cutting lines, transverse cutting lines, tile machine lines, structural roll forming lines and press feed, always continuously improving the applied technology. in their slitter cutting machines and other equipment that are manufactured with the aim of giving our customers a robust competitiveness.

Our slitter cutting machine stands out within the Brazilian market becoming a national reference in quality and productivity.

With modern infrastructure and an agile and qualified after-sales, Esquadros is expanding its area of operation to meet the growth of Latin America, where it already has the necessary modernization to supply the market.

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