Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine

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Metal tiles are among the best solutions in the construction market. It has low cost and great ease of handling, meeting all the needs of large projects, small works, where they need reduced cost and great construction speed. As never before, metal roofing structures have been outstanding for being an effective solution, gaining more space in the national market.

Esquadros metal roof roll forming machines are at the forefront in quality of the final product, producing high technology and precision tiles, following NBR 14513 and 14514 standards, the metal tiles are at the forefront in economy and versatility. With a department that specializes in sheet metal forming machines, Esquadros has improved on the issue, solving problems of seam, tightness, curved shapes, among others.

Thus, these products are among the most chosen solutions, as they guarantee greater safety when used in complex structures and in large spans.

Since 1950 metal tiles have been used in the domestic market and gained a lot of strength in recent years, with research supported by ABCEM and INDA. Our metal roof roll forming machine stands out for its robust system and high production capacity, processing galvanized, galvanized, stainless steel, galvalume, copper and titanium sheets or coils for tile production.

In order to produce quality metal roof tiles, important aspects such as aesthetic and technical aspects must be analyzed, our metal roof roll forming machine stands out for its great durability and performance, reaching up to 60m / min.

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Metal roof roll forming machine with robust structure and superior performance you find in Esquadros.

Our sheet metal roll forming machine is prepared to produce shingles ranging from 0.43 to 0.65 mm with width up to 1050 mm, with a fully configurable system the steel bill sheet forming machine has simple operation system making it possible to be operated. by only 1 operator.

Count on us to help you set up your sheet metal roll forming machine, with custom models for your operation, we can provide you with special solutions for all installations that require the use of steel sheet metal.

The purpose of the Esquadros metal roof roll forming machine is to produce tiles with full quality assurance, for applications in thermal and acoustic insulation, protection, closing and other projects. The Esquadros roll forming machine has technology applied directly to the longevity of the material produced, our roll forming designs are and validated in German software, providing excellence for tooling.

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