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What is a tile roll forming machine? This is a very easy question to answer, it is equipment that transforms sheet metal of tiles, today the fastest growing roofing solution in the market, a tile roll forming machine have important value within the segment because they are economical, It has excellent cost-benefit, and the final finish is proven, pleasing everyone who makes use of tile roll forming machines, directly or indirectly.

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Considering this market difficulty, we opted to develop a tile forming machine that guarantees the highest precision, uniformity and safety in the production of tiles, producing totally within the norms NBR 14513 and 14514; Within the concept it was chosen to work with first line components from leading companies in their respective segments, such as Gerdau, Siemens, SEW, Belgo Protect, etc... ensuring not only a solution to the problem at hand, but also conquering for the tile roll forming machine a minimal maintenance need, consequently less repairs, aiding the cost benefit of those who purchase the tile forming machine.

Productivity is also enhanced with all the technology used in design and components, the tile roll forming machine is capable of producing thousands of meters of tiles per hour and totally equal. Our machines undergo dozens of hours of testing before being delivered, ensuring they are able to operate in harsh environments, this industrial equipment makes entrepreneurs take a step further in the construction market, as it will be bringing innovation to the consumer.

In the current Brazilian scenario we must see in every possibility a new opportunity to do differently, today construction is the fastest growing segment in our market, and we have all the technology and innovation in tile forming machine to serve the segment, making it a great bet to increase the sales of your company.

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