Metal Tile Making Machine

Máquina Telhas
Máquina Telha Ondulada

The Esquadros metal roof tile forming machine produces a modern, effective and economical solution for roofing, closing, ceiling and façade, for the most varied types of projects and buildings. The profiles are super weather resistant even in the harsh marine and industrial environments. With distinctive finishes, the metal tile making machine can produce elegant pre-painted solutions that guarantee durability and aesthetic beauty while still providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. All this with the ideal lightness for the most advanced engineering projects, in huge areas that need large gaps between the supports. In addition to the flexibility for various possibilities, the Esquadros metal tile making machine stands out for being a superior design, with very high production capacity making it possible to meet large works in a short time. The machine for making metal tile is characterized by its practicality in operation, making it a great advantage to stand out in the market, so much so that Esquadros has prepared a specialized team for the segment, prepared to give full support to those looking to make a good investment.

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Contrary to popular belief, investing in a metal tile making machine is not a seven-headed animal, on the contrary, Esquadros has exclusive payment facilities, such as Finame, BNDES Card, FCO, PROGER and its own financing by Esquadros. Esquadros has a solid and qualified team constantly dedicated to the development and production of increasingly modern and efficient equipment. With very originality our metal tile making machine is the result of the investment in development. Esquadros is still working to offer solutions that help, optimize and enable the activities of the most different customers who may need a metal tile making machine. It is then responsible for successfully providing large businesses throughout Latin America.

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