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Metal shingles are an excellent construction option, meeting the needs for works that need low cost and speed in construction. Every day metal roofing structures gain more space in Brazilian construction.

The Esquadros Metal Tile Making Machine produces tiles that follow the technological development following the NBR 14513 and 14514 standards, the metal tiles gained in quality, practicality and economy. Splicing problems, tightness, curved shapes, among others, have been solved in recent years.

Thus, metal tiles are very competitive in the market and guarantee safety when used in large spans or more complex structures.

This material has been used in Brazil since the 1950s and has gained a lot of strength in recent years according to the Brazilian Center for Steel Construction (CBCA). Our Metal Roof Tile Making Machine stands out for its agility and quality, producing galvanized, galvanized, stainless steel, galvalume, copper and titanium sheets or coils.

Our metal roofing machine can produce roof tiles ranging from 0.43 to 0.65mm with width up to 1050mm, the steel roofing machine has recipe technology that allows you to set the length you need.

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At Esquadros you will find the superior performance metal roof tile making machine with robust structure and full support to your operation.

For the manufacture of metal tiles, aesthetic and technical aspects must be taken into consideration. The Esquadros Metal Roof Tile Making Machine has the leading edge in durability and performance and can produce up to 60m/ min.

At Esquadros you will find the perfect Metal Roofing Machine for your operation, models that can be customized to your market needs, and can meet technical, architectural and structural projects, and for all installations that require the use of metal tiles.

The purpose of the Metal Roofing Machine is to produce tiles with durability and resistance, being able to design thermal and acoustic insulation, protection and dozens of other purposes. The Metal Roofing Machine has special technology directly related to the strength and longevity of the material produced, all roll forming designs are designed and validated in the German PROFIL software, which checks all forming stresses, providing reliability and quality in the final product.

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