Machine to Manufacture Steel Tiles

Máquina Telha Ondulada
Máquina Telha Trapezoidal

Steel tiles have been one of the fastest growing roofing segments since 2013 according to the Brazilian Steel Construction Center (CBCA), Over the years, a steel roofing machine has become one of Esquadros® best-selling machines within the Brazilian market due to its product that serves as a wide range of applications.

It is worth mentioning that shingles are used for both roofs and closures, and even have the same tax rating for both applications, steel shingles have a large load capacity, making them suitable for most situations where conditions go x overload. require specific treatment.

Whether in single line or high visual impact works, the steel roof tile making machine can be fitted with tiles that can be mounted vertically, horizontally, in a normal or inverted direction, making it an important equipment for architectural projects.

Esquadros is the leading manufacturer of steel roofing machine, operating throughout Latin America providing solutions to the diverse needs of its customers. Our machine aims to deliver the best end product at the lowest possible operating cost.

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Higher productivity with lower operating cost.

The steel roofing machine consumes low energy consumption with its high performance gearmotors, compared to other equipment the energy saving can reach 50% and can be operated with only one worker. Steel tiles feature recipe engraving technology, which further facilitates the production system. The Esquadros steel roofing machine is the solution for those who want to work with roof tile manufacturing and get the quick return on their investment.

The steel roofing machine has a robust structure and large production capacity. It can produce galvanized steel, galvanized pre-painted, Galvalume, among others, its tool made in special steel, ensures longer equipment life, less wear and tear. to the rollers and excellent finish to the finished product.

Personalized service for exclusive solutions.

Our specialized consultancy was developed to analyze the needs and specifications of our customers, delivering steel roofing machine exclusive to their requirements, following the start of service delivery and start-up production.

Quality is of the utmost importance for Esquadros, which has a wide range of equipment to provide the best product for your company, our steel roofing machine is committed to producing roofing tiles conforming to NBR 14513 and 14514 and In this way we add value to the final product of our customers avoiding losses and losses with non-standard models.

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