Machine for Manufacturing Trapezoid Metal Tile

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Máquina TR25x1020

The growing need for buildings with large spans between supports and beams has abolished as massive constructions. As a trapezoidal retained metal tile making machine for these structures it is an excellent building solution. Its geometry confers high mechanical strength to the plate, despite its low thickness. It has an automatic system, combined with ease of handling and assembly, making the project with high-tech, economically viable steel roof construction solutions.

A complete line of trapezoidal metal roof tile making machine includes roof tiles included with various geometries that adapt to the characteristics of each project, roof tiles for classic architectural compositions, zipped roofs, tested thermoacoustic roofing and facade solutions, and previous generation collaborator form for slabs .

Tomorrow's diversity is possible thanks to the trapezoidal metal tile making machine that allows for endless combinations of textures in galvalume, galvanized, pre-painted and stainless finishes.

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The importance of obtaining maximum thermal and acoustic comfort brings a great investment possibility to follow-up. Trapezoidal tile making machine makes possible the traditional sandwich made of mineral wool. In addition, through its modern continuous line this machine offers various other solutions for roofs and facades.

The technical consultancy that Esquadros offers to its clients begins at the first contact, where after evaluating if it will be possible to adapt the profile to the machine for making trapezoidal metal tile, the required thickness of the steel sheet and which accessories should be used to ensure harmony. and technical quality of the assembly. Esquadros engineers are prepared to fully support your trapezoidal metal tile making machine.

The metal tiles produced by the machine for making trapezoidal metal tiles from standardized raw materials, stand out for their practicality and beauty in finishing.

  • - Fully domestic trapezoidal metal tile making machine.
  • - Various formats available: TR40x1020, TR40x980, TR35x1050, TR25X1020, Zipped;
  • - Lengths that fit the designs;
  • - Full support for your business;
  • - Fast installation;
  • - Products guaranteed by manufacture and assembly;
  • - Own financing;
  • - Trapezoidal roof tile making machine compatible with Ridge and Multidrain.

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