Longitudinal Cut

Slitter Calheiro
Facas Rotativas Longitudinal

Esquadros has state-of-the-art equipment for slitting narrow coils through mother coils. In widths up to 1,600 mm, thicknesses up to 6,35mm and speeds up to 120 m/ min.

The development department is able to manufacture light and heavy longitudinal cutting lines for coils up to 30ton. All slitter lines can be configured according to thickness, width, material properties and processing volume according to each customer's wishes.

Our longitudinal cutting lines are fully configurable and can be customized from unwinder to rewinder, perfectly adapting to our customers' needs.

Esquadros machines have exclusive technology, whose premise is to improve productivity, facilitating time-consuming and expensive processes, our equipment has sliding rotary knives, made of special high toughness D2 steel, excellent ductility and abrasion resistant, ensures setup up to 3x faster than the conventional system, ensuring low dimensional tolerance and higher strip cutting quality.

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Smooth winding of the highest quality for your longitudinal slitting line.

Tense and clean winding are basic and indispensable requirements for satisfied customers. The combination of sophisticated construction, high base structure stability, torsion resistance and perfect motor performance sizing are emphasized by this production system which ensures a tight and clean winding.

Winding for small and large coils has always been a strong demand in the industry. Esquadros' longitudinal slitting line provides this service to your advantage. Designed to cater for flexible systems, with smaller volumes and large processing, such as ventilation companies, spiral tube manufacturers, profile makers, stamping plants, etc.

  • - Steady quality: precise, burr-free, longitudinal cut.
  • - Less waste: Cut the entire length of the bobbin accurately with fewer residual strips.
  • - Lower personnel costs: the system can be driven by one worker.
  • - Superior processing speed: considerably reduces longitudinal cutting time.
  • - Smooth process for sensitive thicknesses.
  • - Great winding quality - tense and accurate.
  • - Easy extraction of rewound coils.
  • - Low and easy acquisition cost.

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