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A sheet metal slitting line is a machine that automatically splits steel coils into smaller parts.

The cross-sectional line splits this large spool into smooth, smaller parts. This type of cutting machine is also known in the market as blanking machine. The transverse cutting line automatically performs the unwinding of the plate, the cutting and can be packed or followed in more complex pressing lines.

In the market, steel has many applications, and a cross section line offers several possibilities of cutting steel sheets, with different thickness, width and length. Esquadros' cross-sectional line can process steel sheets with a resistance of 360N / mm up to 25 mm, width up to 2100 mm. Knowing the purpose of the use, the customer simply define with the supplier the specifications and thus obtain plates in the proper format.

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Steel is undoubtedly one of the most widely used raw materials in the industry today. From razor blades to large structures, various products are favored with the characteristics of metallic material. For this reason, the transverse cut line is a recurring request from the most diverse market segments.

Some of the applications that benefit from the steel sheet cross section line:

Equipment for industries: automotive, food, electrical, pharmaceutical, textile, pulp and paper, oil in others.

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