Corrugated Tile Making Machine

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Corrugated steel tiles produced by a corrugated tile making machine are characterized by their low height and smooth lines with flexibility to bend, ideal for application on flat or arched metal roofs, side closures and metal facades of industrial or commercial buildings. Especially used on roofs up to 15 meters long and for curved roofing with radius above 20 meters because it does not need to be calendered.

For the manufacture of a tile that has excellent recommendations, a corrugated tile making machine with excellent operation and superior performance is required.

Esquadros, is a modern company, operating in the segment since 1989, today installed in an area of 60,000 square meters, corrugated tile making machine factory among other equipment for the processing of coils.

Combining the latest technology with the best suppliers, Esquadros has the best customer service, from the implementation of standard models of corrugated tile making machine to more elaborate models with exclusive technology, always at the best prices in the market.

Know more:

Our corrugated tile making machine is peace of mind for your business.

Esquadros has a complete line of steel roofing machines.

Our corrugated tile making machine has been developed to meet specifications according to your needs, providing more cost-benefit to other models of the market, our steel roofing machines are made with superior quality components and have SEW high performance gearmotors. which has a low power consumption compared to other equipment.

The corrugated tile making machine is the solution for those who want to have the quick return on their investment and deliver a very high quality product.

Esquadros has become a reference in the segment within large companies, due to the trust in the equipment, its transparency and commitment to the business.

We work to offer our customers the best options, as well as the corrugated tile making machine, we have the best products and solutions for their needs.

Purchasing a Esquadros corrugated tile making machine is the best option because you have:
  • - Full support for your operation.
  • - High tech.
  • - Better quality.
  • - Best cost x benefit.
  • - High performance.
  • - Guaranteed operation and quality of service.

To know more about our corrugated tile making machine.
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