For us, the concept defines the design, the criterium and the choice of the materials applied on the fabrication of the machines, that consequently, will determine the customer’s routine on the utilization of that one.

Quick set up time, processes optimization, product’s quality, low maintenance cost and less capital invested are the crucial factors that diferenciate the machines and equipaments we produce.

How did we achieve this differential? Doing the ground of our factory’s division of metalic doors and windows production a powerful laboratory, in order to exhaustively test the machines’ prototype, comproving its effectiveness on the operation, meeting flatness standards, precision, tolerance and resistance.

Our machines can be of standard design or special ones, according to the customer’s specific requirements. The requirements, carefully identified by our team, are the key to present a proposal and supply of machines that have surpassed the expectations.

In case of standard project machines, our response time can be very fast, because we have equipments stored, or the most part on the factory floor, and we can produce them fastly.

For the special projects, we have the necessary expertise to suit them with the required modifications, assuring the desired operation within the deadline contracted.

For ESQUADROS, each delivered machine is an opportunity to show that our challenge is constantly to surpass our customer’s expectations.

Projeto Esquadros