Perfiladeira de Telha Metálica

Innovative Technology in "C" Purlin Rollforming

The structural profile roll forming line developed by Esquadros has exclusive and innovative technologies for the processing of stiffened “U” and “U” profiles, with geared castle synchronization system and servomotor in-flight cutting system, ensuring low setup time, and top speed up to 60 m / min.

The line has a flexible design, with accessories and options capable of increasing productivity, meeting the real processing needs and meeting the requirements of each customer.

Structural roll forming lines feature configurations that meet the thickness range from 2.00mm to 5mm for production of stiffened “U” and “U” profiles from 50mm to 300mm.

It is proven to be a perfect solution, attested by dozens of equipment installed in Brazil and abroad.

Main features

The structural profile roll forming line is designed for high quality product profiling according to NBR 6355, the excellence of the end products is ensured by Esquadros' integral technology. The rigorous internal controls of the manufacturing processes, coupled with the partnership with the world's leading component suppliers, guarantee the structural profile roll forming line the cutting edge of technology.


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