Perfiladeira de Telha Metálica

Complete Press Feed Solutions

With extensive experience in the design, manufacture and development of automatic press machine systems, We offer the most comprehensive press feed experience with highly innovative products and services to meet your needs.

Our solutions are superbly reliable.

We do everything we can to give you a powerful competitive advantage by leveraging our experience and genuine passion for what we do.

Main features

We produce press feed lines suitable for high throughput processes and several successive forming and / or stamping operations, we provide standardized lines with unwinders, straighteners and electronic feeders, as well as complete solutions providing feed lines that include stamping tooling, Bending and repurposing, covering the entire production process, the systems ensure the highest throughput and productivity by taking up minimal space and ensuring better access to the various components of the facility.


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Máquina TR25x1020
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Máquina TR40x1020
Máquina TR40x980
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